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Information for TAB Venues

How Giddy-Up works within your TAB

We know that a well-run, well managed and well patronised TAB facility can be a massive benefit to a Pub, Club or Agency.  Giddy-Up Sports and Racing is the essential service for any venue serious about their TAB. . Not only do we simply do it better than any of the opposition, we actually understand what's important to you and what attracts punters.

We also know that having a TAB is a cost to your business and that cost has to be worth incurring.


We were one of the very first venues to install the Giddy-Up Sports and Racing service It is an essential component of my TAB area with a massive following amongst my patrons.

Following Giddy-Up provides them with more winners. More winners, mean’s they are in the venue longer and have a better experience ensuring they return.

Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill (NSW)

With the largest number of subscribing TAB venues out of any ratings service in the market, the Giddy-Up brand has become synonyms with punters as the ratings service to follow.

Customer Service: Getting the most out of your TAB

Part of our customer service approach is to make sure that venues who subscribe to Giddy-Up not only get the best ratings service available but that you also get a sounding board on how to get the most out of your TAB. We have subscribing TAB venues across the country seeing and speaking to pubs, clubs and agents of all shapes and sizes.

Helpful hints to getting the most out of your TAB: It’s all about “What’s good in the next race?”

  1. The majority of wagering activity occurs as the races is about to jump; having key screens in the right spot so punters can quickly and easily make their decision is essential
    1. Sky Racing 1 and 2
    2. Giddy Up TV Channels 1 and 2
    3. The next to jump text screen
  2. TAB text screens provide key information for punters, very often however this information becomes duplicated; a standalone race meeting text screen and a next to jump (Next to jump, 2nd next or 3rd next to jump) screen will display exactly the same thing at exactly the same time. Be conscious of doubled up information.


I and many of my punting friends find the Giddy Up service a valuable tool in our punting strategies and have had many a successful punting session in our local club due to this service. You would be surprised how many people use the Giddy Up ratings. There may not be a lot of feedback but it is the silent achiever in the punting business and most serious punters use it on a regular basis.

Individual Punter – Illawarra Master Builders Club

Giddy-Up offers real benefits for your venue and your punters

We are conscious that punters have a broad range of knowledge and differing levels of interest in a punting environment that offers an even broader range of betting options than ever before. Giddy-Up Guide in allows us to provide your punters with more comprehensive analysis of race fields than ever before. Our screens have been specifically designed with this in mind; for the more social punter the top selections and easily identified. For someone looking for more detail – the screens provide an array of useful information to assist them when they're having a bet in your TAB.

We are committed to continually building on the quality of our service through investing in customised form databases and devising formats that punters find easy to use and understand: both on-screen and in a paper format, Giddy-Up gives punters of all levels the winning edge.

Providing the right information at the right time

Delivering Giddy-Up to your venue via managed manual send-out gives us the flexibility to deliver the screen right on time:

  • Races that your punters area actually interested in having a bet on, right when they are filling out their tickets
  • Deal effectively with a packed racing schedule, the introduction of Sky2 has upped the frequency of races, making it more important than ever that your punters get the right race at the right time
  • Giddy-Up is the only full integrated ratings service in the market; we do the form and deliver it direct to your venue. This means we’ve got the ability to drill down into past results and tweak the form as the races are about to jump. Factors such as: track bias, jockey performance, late scratching and the weather can all influence the ratings throughout a race meeting. Our goal is to make sure our screen offers your punters the best chance of backing a winner. 


  • Thoroughbreds on-screen and as part of the Giddy-Up Guide: All metropolitan racing (including Quaddies) and a comprehensive selection of country and provincial race meetings.
  • Greyhounds on-screen and as part of the Giddy-Up Guide: A comprehensive selection of Australian greyhound racing
  • Harness on-screen: All Australian Harness racing
  • Sports on-screen and as part of the Giddy-Up Guide: Selected sports

We are always looking at ways we can assist our customers if you have any queries or suggestions go to Contact Us.